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About The Beauty Training School

Beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular, with new beauty salons popping up all over the UK. Why not try out your beauty skills and tap into the market?

We provide a range of certified online beauty courses, aiming to make beauty training affordable and accessible for everyone!

Our online courses are fully accredited. We provide the same course contents that you’d be taught in a classroom, so why not skip the attendance and follow along step-by-step from home?

With a personal online beauty account, you have 24/7 access to our courses. Log in and pick up your beauty training whenever and wherever works best for you. Study through The Beauty Training School on a laptop, tablet or on your phone. You can pause, focus, and rewind our training videos to learn entirely at your own pace.

Our qualified teachers have pre-recorded beauty treatment training content just for you! Don’t be afraid to message them if you have any questions or need some extra help.

Learn a new skill, gain a beauty certificate and additional qualifications to aid you on your beauty therapy journey.

Start a new beauty course today!

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