How do I ensure the course I’m purchasing is legit?

Since COVID-19 online and remote training has increased dramatically, with thousands of new companies offering online training. But the main concern for people is, is the company legit? Is the course legit? Will I be qualified in that area of training? Will I be able to gain insurance? How can I be sure that I’m not wasting my money?

Well, here’s your answer, not all companies are offering legit training and qualifications however there is way to ensure you are purchasing with the right company.

  • Is the course an accredited provider and registered with an accreditation company?
  • Does the company hold and provider number and are you able to search the company on their accreditation provider register?
  • Is the company registered with Companies’ House?
  • Does the company have any reviews?
  • Are the courses priced accordingly? Cheap courses usually are a sign that the courses may not be accredited, and they are just information about the treatment with no valid certification upon completion?
  • Does the company offer a case study submission or assessment to ensure you are carrying out the treatment safely and correctly before gaining certification?
  • Does the course cover all areas of information needed for that treatment?
  • Will you have access to tutor support? Meaning someone is behind the online company when you need assistance, and will they respond to you quickly?

All of these things are areas to look out for before purchasing a course, to ensure you have the maximum reassurance that you are purchasing with a registered, accredited, and legit company. If any of these reasons are missing, perhaps you should question whether that company is right for you or contact them to discuss further.

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