Social Media for Beauty Businesses

Creating engaging social media content

Advertising your business and understand social media can be really overwhelming especially when you don’t have marketing knowledge or help. 

Let’s explore the different social media platforms most suitable for beauticians.

Facebook – This platform enables you to post/schedule content, post pictures, videos and links, create live streams, post into local/beauty groups promoting your page and you can also create Meta Ads and boost posts. Facebook also allows you to create a shop.

Instagram – This platform enables you to post/schedule content, post pictures, videos, reels and links, use trending sounds, create live streams, page and you can also create Meta Ads and boost posts. Instagram also allows you to create a shop.

TikTok – This platform enables you to post video content between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, you can also post multiple pictures, use trending sounds, create live streams, use TikTok shop and create ads. 

Youtube – This platform enables you to post ‘shorts’ which is snippets of videos, allows subscriptions, video tutorials/demonstrations, create live streams and create ads.

Choose your platform

Firstly, you need to decide which platform(s) you will be using to engage with your potential clientele. We would recommend using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to start off with. Secondly, you need to decide your target audience. 

Who are you clients?

Where do they engage?

What do they want to see?

TOP TIP! Look at your competitor beauticians or brands. Where and what are they posting? What gains the most attraction, likes, comments, shares?

Brand Aesthetic

You brand aesthetic is your visual style of your beauty brand. We recommend having a consistent, uniform look across all of your social media platforms and website. You need to ensure your brand looks professional and unique to allow clients to start recognising your work. 

How do I create a brand?

We always recommend starting with Canva which allows you to create a brand, logo, colour scheme, fonts etc. Perhaps try starting with a few templates that can be reused, 1-3 fonts and a colour palette.

TOP TIP! Download Canva app or use on a desktop, create a brand to save your desired colour palette, fonts and logo.

Post Frequency 

Posting consistently on your platforms will help to reach a wider audience. We recommend posting a minimum of twice a week on your feed but interacting every other day on your story. 

TOP TIP! Scheduling your content really helps make life easier for you. We recommend creating some posts in bulk and scheduling them to post so you don’t forget to post frequently.

Encourage Engagement

How do I encourage engagement?

  • Engage with your industry daily, by commenting and liking other creators’ posts. 
  • Use polls and quizzes on your stories. 
  • Always use a call to action (enquire now, book now, let me know what you think, tag a friend)
  • Respond to comments 

Trending Sounds

TikTok and Instagram videos are currently getting the most attention, so we recommend posting video content as often as possible. To have a better chance of being seen, always use trending sounds. To do this, simply search ‘trending’ or follow accounts that keep up to date with the latest sounds in their content. 


Hashtags make it easier for people to discover new content related to their interests. Either think of some relevant hashtags or search some on your competitors pages to see what they use. We recommend using niche words specific to your beauty business. 

Tone of Voice

What kind of business do you want your audience to think you are?

Professional? Educational? Relatable? Funny? Friendly?

Once you decide, ensure your content aligns with your businesses tone of voice.

Before and After Content

Before and after content is the best thing to post on your platform. This allows potential clients to see your work and to allow them to gain trust before booking with you ensuring you are carrying out the treatment confidently, safely, and efficiently. We recommend using your logo somewhere within your portfolio to ensure no one tries to steal your work and re-post as their own. 

TOP TIP! Ask all clients if they are comfortable having before and after photos taken and that they are happy to be used on social media.

Use Generated Content

Using generated content helps to build client trust and reach a wider audience. Encourage clients to leave reviews, take photos of themselves after their treatment and tag your beauty business on social media.

TOP TIP! Client reviews are so important to enable you to present a reputable business. Always remind clients to post Google, Facebook, TrustPilot reviews, perhaps if you always forget, set up email reminders to clients. 

Behind the Scenes 

Clients love to see behind the scenes of businesses, the face behind the business and to learn about you as a small business. We recommend posting some content showing client’s some of the behind the scenes. 

  • Behind the scenes
  • Day in the life
  • Get ready with me
  • A timelapse of you doing treatments
  • Answering some questions about yourself and your business 
  • Your skincare routine
  • How you do your makeup
  • Salon opening/closing/tidying/re-organising/re-stocking

TOP TIP! Just remember consistence is KEY!